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How to remove the car wrap vinyl?

Jul 19, 2021

For the car wrap vinyl durability about 3-5 Years, which is depending on its maintenance and maintenance and other factors.

Before you start to remove the car wrapping vinyl, you may need to look at the following things:

1. The original paint of a professionally packaged vehicle is more likely to remain intact even after the color change film is removed. Non-professionals using low-quality or unbranded packaging paper installed with color change film will damage the original paint of your car. In addition, the use of unsafe adhesives can severely damage the clear coating of the car.

How to remove the car wrap vinyl?

2. Older car wrap vinyl is difficult to remove. The longer they stay on the car, the more likely they are to leave some residual adhesive or peel off part of the car’s original paint.

3. Do not remove the film under severe conditions (such as direct sunlight or cold weather). These factors may keep to hinder the removal process.

How to remove the car wrap vinyl?

Let us discuss car color change film removal process

1. First select the part you want to work on-we recommend starting from the side or corner. Next, try to loosen the package with a heat gun. The heat helps loosen the adhesive and make it easier to use.

Avoid leaving the heat gun in one place for too long, as this will cause the color change film to deform or burn, and may damage your car paint.

How to remove the car wrap vinyl?

2. Once you are satisfied with the flexibility of the film that you can start to peel it off. Pull it slowly at an angle of 45 degrees or 90 degrees. This can ensure that the car color change film will not tear or split, and will not leave more unwanted residues.

3. Using a heat gun during the dismantling process can help reduce the amount of residual adhesive, but it may still leave some residue. You can use residual adhesive remover or solvent for cleaning. Use a product that is compatible with the surface you are working on, then scrape off the remaining adhesive.

How to remove the car wrap vinyl?

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