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Install tools for vinyl car wrapping

Jul 20, 2021

Tools are very important if you want to make the car color change film effective. Without good tools, the desired results cannot be achieved. The following are the preparation tools for filming.

1. Prepare car wash mud and dust-free cloth before construction

Because the color-changing film construction has very high requirements for the cleanliness of the paint surface, if the film surface is not cleaned in place, there will be dust spots, if there are a lot of dust spots on the whole car, it will be very ugly. However, ordinary car wash cloths and car wash sponges cannot effectively wipe dust spots and hair balls. Before the color change film is constructed, the asphalt and dirty spots on the paint surface need to be cleaned thoroughly with car wash mud. After cleaning the car wash mud, first wipe it with a normal car wash towel, and then be sure to wipe the entire car body with a non-woven fabric. The non-woven fabric can effectively avoid dust spots and hair balls. The non-woven fabric has good absorption of water and oil, low dust generation, and is not easy to fluff and swarf.

Tools For Car Wrapping

2. Professional utility knife, scraper, baking gun and magnet positioner are needed in construction

Do not use clumsy and large utility knives during the construction process. Use slender utility knives that are convenient for technicians to store, and the blades are sensitive to retractable and responsive. Need to use a 30-degree angle filming blade, which is convenient for technicians to apply when encountering corner joints. The scraper needs to have a wool patch. If there is no wool patch, the film surface will be scratched or even scratched. So everyone must pay attention to some small details when choosing tools. Relatively speaking, the requirements of the baking gun are not so high, as long as the power is enough and durable. If there are relatively few construction personnel, it is recommended to use a special magnet positioner for film. It has strong suction force and can adsorb the film on any position of the car body. Without the help of other personnel, one person can still work effortlessly.

Tools For Car Wrapping

3. Adhesion promoter can be used if necessary at the end of construction

For parts of the body that are more on the ground, such as under the side skirts and under the front and rear bumpers, because the car runs on the road for a long time, dust is easy to enter. For the sake of safety, we generally recommend that the construction personnel apply a layer of adhesion promoter before the edge of the film is closed to help the film surface and the car body better fit.

Tools For Car Wrapping

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