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Several major indicators to choose car window glass color film

Jun 29, 2021

1. Total heat insulation rate of solar energy:
The total heat insulation rate is the comprehensive heat insulation value of the various indexes of the glass film. In order to deceive Xiaobai to confuse the concept, illegal businesses often use the concept of “infrared blocking rate” instead of “heat insulation rate.” The marked total heat insulation rate has reached more than 90%, which is actually the infrared blocking rate rather than the total blocking rate. The total insulation rate of professional insulation film can generally reach 40%-79%. In my opinion, the total blocking rate must be above 40% for this film to play a good role.

2. UV blocking rate:
For high-quality automotive film, the index is generally not less than 98%, and the highest can reach 100%. The general market is greater than or equal to 99%. 100% is relatively small, or in my ignorance, only one thousand yuan was found. High UV blocking rate can effectively prevent skin burns. Simply put, sitting in the car in the sun will not burn your skin, and there will be no burning sensation in the sun for a long time. Needless to say, inferior membranes, many inferior membranes cannot be prevented at all.

Several major indicators to choose car window glass color film

3. Visible light reflectivity:
Visible light reflectance is divided into internal and external, the difference is a bit big. External reflection mainly refers to the intensity of reflection when you look outside. Internal reflection is to see how strong the reflection of the car film is. Generally speaking, the internal and external reflections should be moderate (6%-10% range is more appropriate). It is not that the higher the reflectivity, the better, nor the lower the better.

4. Thickness:
The thickness of the film is generally determined by the process and material, and the film of the multilayer process is generally not too thin. For example, some advertise 11-layer precious metals, 9-layer precious metals and so on. For example, some publicized multi-layer sputtering and so on. The thicker the film, the better, the thicker it is, the easier it is to be scratched by glass and rubber, and the thinner it is, the easier it is to break. Moderate is good. The minimum is not less than 1.5 million.

Several major indicators to choose car window glass color film

Multi-layer sputtering (usually metal film), multi-layer nano-ceramics (that is, containing ceramics)

Types of membranes: Generally speaking, there are two types of membranes: metal membrane and ceramic membrane. Except for some special membranes, or low-grade membranes, nothing.

The total blocking rate of the metal film is generally relatively high, but it does have an impact on the mobile phone signal. Once I search the web and enter the car, there is no signal directly. But this is not common. The metal film also has a signal, which basically does not affect the use, except in individual cases

The ceramic membrane has little effect on the signal, but the overall rejection rate is relatively low.

In addition, there is the clarity of the film. When the refraction and scattering of the film are low, the line of sight can be clearer.

Several major indicators to choose car window glass color film

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