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Precautions after installing the car wrapping vinyl

Jun 28, 2021

1. After installation, don’t roll down the car window within 3-5 days to prevent the film edge from turning over. Because of the newly applied film, the lift window may cause the car film to shift.

2. Don’t stick the adhesive label directly on the vinyl

3. If there are bubbles, please go to a professional car wrapping shop for treatment within 24 hours

4. Before installing the vinyl, please pay attention to the local vehicle inspection policies and regulations. After installing car wrapping vinyl, if it is not the original car color, you need to go to the vehicle management department to apply for the color change.

Precautions after installing the car wrapping vinyl

5. Need to ready the high-absorption microfiber wiping cloth in the car for daily wiping.

6. Within one month after installation, please don’t hang suction cup dolls and other objects on the car windows.

7. After the film is applied, if there is a cloud of water mist between the film and the glass, please don’t worry. It will naturally dry out and disappear within 2-3 weeks

8. Don’t use nails or sharp objects to poke the edge of the membrane away to prevent dirt from entering

Precautions after installing the car wrapping vinyl

9. It takes about a month for the front and rear gears to dry completely after applying the film, so in the daytime, try to keep the front gears facing the sun.

10. Don’t wash the car within one week after installing. It can be cleaned after 2-3 weeks. Use a lint-free cloth and other soft objects dampened with detergent water. Be careful not to trap sand or sharp particles to avoid scratching the surface of the membrane. At the same time, it cannot be cleaned with amino liquid . Do not use brushes, dry towels, etc. to wipe the surface of the heat insulation film of the car window to avoid scratching the car film.

11. After installing, the back block heating wire cannot be turned on within one month, because it may cause bubbles to form around it after turning it on.

Precautions after installing the car wrapping vinyl

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