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Benefits Of Carbon Fiber Vinyl Sticker

Jul 30, 2021

Carbon fiber vinyl has beautiful and anti-scratch effects. It is a kind of carbon fiber film for automobiles, made of high-grade PVC fiber, and will never fade.

Benefits Of Carbon Fiber Vinyl

Benefit 1
High-grade PVC fiber has super tensile strength, excellent elasticity, and is not easy to break.

Benefit 2
Super Pressure-sensitive Glue, the viscosity is stronger, it is not easy to fall off, and it will not damage the body paint at all.

Benefit 3
Using environmentally friendly materials, heating slightly odor, in line with national environmental protection standards

Benefits Of Carbon Fiber Vinyl

With different angles, the display light is also different. Like real carbon fiber, this product has a high imitation texture and excellent 3D stereo effect

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