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What is the difference between cold laminating film and heat laminating film?

Jul 29, 2021

The cold laminating film is made of transparent PVC through adhesive processing. According to the texture of the film surface, it can be divided into light film, dumb film and special texture protective film. In advertising production, light film and dumb film are widely used. The cold laminating film is laminated on the photo printing screen with cold laminator and other equipment to prevent the screen (printing surface) from being scratched, contaminated or wet, and play a role in protecting the screen.

Heat lamination film can only be made with a special machine, and individuals generally cannot make it by themselves.
Which is a new technology in inkjet, photo, photo album making and plastic packaging preservation of office culture.

1. Different properties: cold laminating film is made of transparent PVC through adhesive processing which needs to be used with the plastic packaging machine for heating. Different thicknesses need to refer to different plastic packaging temperatures, which are related to the pressure and speed of the plastic packaging machine and the thickness of the plastic packaging film.

2. Different features: cold laminating film can increase the texture of the picture, and protect the picture, scratch and water resistance. The heat-laminated film can protect the paper by using the coating film as the cover.

3. The effect is different: After the plastic film is heated, the paper to be plasticized is sealed and wrapped by the plastic paper (because the two opposite surfaces of the plastic paper are glued, they will be bonded after heating), which makes it waterproof to a certain degree and can be used for longer life. The cold lamination film can prevent the screen (printing surface) from being scratched, polluted or getting wet, and protect the pattern.

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