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How to use the transfer film for vinyl sticker application?

Jul 31, 2021

1. Please prepare scissors, knife, bank card or small card before pasting.
2. Peel the transfer film from the bottom paper, and then stick it on the pattern smoothly to minimize air bubbles.
3. Scratch with a card to cover the pattern part of the transfer film for easy adhesion. If the transfer film has been attached, just start from the next step.

How to use transfer film?

4. If it is a combination pattern, cut it into small pieces with scissors, if it is a whole pattern, go directly to the next step.
5. Gently tear the transfer film with the pattern away from the bottom paper, and pick the non-sticky area with a knife.
6. The pattern with larger area can be reversed, tear the bottom paper with one hand, and press the pattern lightly with the other hand to separate the pattern from the bottom paper.

How to use transfer film?

7. When pasting, raise the pattern with one hand and smooth it in one direction with the other hand.
8. Use the card to smooth out the pattern repeatedly from the center to the surrounding.
9. When tearing the transfer film, the action should be slow, and be careful not to bring the pattern down.

How to use transfer film?

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