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What are the benefits of car paint protection film?

Jun 24, 2021

I believe that everyone who owns a car should know that the integrity of the original paint of the car in the transaction of second-hand cars determines the value of the car to a certain extent. So many people will do paint protection to the car. There are many ways to protect the paint surface; but at present, the better method is the paint surface protective film, because other traditional protection methods will corrode and wear the paint to a large extent. So what are the benefits of car paint protection film?

What are the benefits of car paint protection film?

New car film:

Put a thick protective layer on the paint surface of the car, which can effectively prevent the sun from being corroded. It will never cause sun spots due to the sun, so that the car paint can maintain its original gloss for a long time, and it can also effectively avoid small scratches. The appearance of the mark isolates the paint from the outside world.

What are the benefits of car paint protection film?

Old car film:

After the entire filming, the old paint surface full of oxidation, sun spots and scratches can be restored to the original new paint surface, and a protective film is attached to the paint surface to effectively prevent sun spots, oxidation and scratches.. ..

1. High strength, high density, can effectively buffer the physical damage of the paint surface (that is, scratches)

2. High stability, long durability, anti-corrosion, anti-acid rain, anti-fading, anti-ultraviolet.

3. Protect the paint surface and completely isolate the paint surface from contact with acid rain, insect corpses, bird droppings and other major enemies.

4. It is easy to clean, does not generate static electricity, does not stick to dust, is not corroded by dirt, and prolongs the car washing cycle.

5. High cost performance, one-time investment, can save other car beauty costs in a long time.

What are the benefits of car paint protection film?

The protective film will not only not damage the car paint, but also protect the car paint from multiple angles. Next, I will give you a detailed explanation of the main functions of the paint protective film! ! !

To protect the paint from scratches, like many car riders, the most fear is the scratch of the paint, not because it will cost a lot of money, but because the touch-up will cause the color difference of the paint, which greatly affects the appearance of the car. Therefore, anti-scratch is generally the most concerned role of car owners. The paint surface protective film is closely attached to the car paint to isolate the paint surface from the air, which can isolate the contact between corrosive substances and the car paint, and can prevent oxidation and corrosion of the car paint.
With these protections, the original paint can be protected to a large extent, and at the same time, it can also avoid the cost of paint repair caused by scratching, so it is necessary to apply a paint protective film.

What are the benefits of car paint protection film?

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