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The best and the cheapest car wrap vinyl classification

Jun 23, 2021

With the rapid development of vehicle market. Apart from driving a car , more and more people would like to wrap their car and want to make their car special.
So, how to classify the car wrap vinyl?

Classification of Car Wrap Vinyl

Firstly, we must know that car vinyl is a new type of high-performance environmentally friendly film, which is widely used in the beauty and maintenance industry of vehicle, and is a kind of protective surface film. The film surface is in contact with air, and protects car surface for a long time.

Classification of Car Wrap Vinyl

There are about two kinds of materials for the car wrap vinyl, the normal one is PVC, and the top one is TPU. TPU material has strong tensile strength, tensile strength, aging resistance, cold resistance, waterproof, oil resistance and other characteristics. PVC material also has better stretchability and waterproof. Although it has less functions than TPU material, it has more color choices than TPU.

Classification of Car Wrap Vinyl

Therefore, the choice of material can be based on personal preference whether it lies in function or style.

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