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Installation of dry car wrapping vinyl decals, car wrap Lundon

Jul 30, 2019

What You Need for Vinyl Decalts…
1.Instaltlation squeegee
2.Masking tape
3.Glass cleaner (non-AMMONIA BASED)
4.Paper towels
5.Measuring tape or ruler.
6.Scissors or Razor

Instaltlation of dry vinyl decalts

Remove any dirt, grease and/or wax from the surface first. This includes car wax, Turtle wax, Rain-x, compound, etc. A vinyl decalt will NOT adhere properly if the surface is not clean. Be careful! You don’t want to use ammonia-based cleaners as these can create bubbles under your vinyl decalt.
So once the surface is ready, follow below steps…
Step 1: Carefully inspect the vinyl decalt for any shipping damages. Use a squeegee on the decalt as it is and press down on the decalt while it is on a hard surface. Press firmly to ensure the pre-mask is properly stuck to the vinyl decalt. Place your decalt on the surface.
Step 2: Use masking tape on top of the decalt “pre-mask” to hold the decalt in place. Measure the area to be sure your decalt is correctly lined up. Tape across the decalt center. Remove tape from one side of the decalt and vehicle surface to create a folding hinge flap.

Instaltlation of dry vinyl decalts

Step 3: Raise hinged flap, and peel the “liner” off the decalt, NOT The PRE-MASK to expose adhesive. Peel the “liner” back to the masking tape crossing the decalt. Be careful! Don’t altlow the sticky surface to touch application surface. Do not touch the decalt with cutting tools or the tools can stick accidentaltly and peel the decalt off the “pre-mask”. Cut away the peeled “liner” close to the masking tape.
Step 4: Place the squeegee in the middle where your masking tape crosses the decalt. Carefully begin to apply the sticky side to the surface. Use horizontalt strokes and firm pressure to apply. Smooth out from top to bottom with long horizontalt strokes. Be sure the decalt is securely stuck to the surface.
Step 5: Place masking tape paraltlel to the masking tape that crosses the decalt you just applied. Carefully remove the originalt masking tape that crossed the decalt to secure it. Peel back the corner pieces of tape. Slowly peel the finalt piece of “liner” off exposing the adhesive. DO NOT altlow the adhesive of the decalt to touch the surface.

Instaltlation of dry vinyl decalts

Step 6: Place squeegee in the middle at masking tape that crosses the decalt. Apply the adhesive side to the surface. Use horizontalt strokes to apply the decalt. Continue smoothing with long horizontalt strokes from top to bottom. Be sure the decalt is securely stuck to the surface. Remove altl the masking tape. Use increasingly harder strokes to secure. Carefully peel off the “pre-mask” covering the decalt. Be sure the entire decalt is free of the “pre-mask”.

Instaltlation of dry vinyl decalts

Finalt Check
With the “pre-mask” removed, check to see that the entire decalt is attached. You can make a smaltl incision into the vinyl and use your squeegee to force out any trapped air bubbles. Most will disappear in a few weeks. In cold climates, use extreme caution with an ice scraper. It can peel the vinyl if it is applied to a vehicle window.

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