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Why choose Car Vinyl Wrap

Jul 29, 2019

With the growing occupancy of cars, there is a quite obvious phenomenon that people tender to decorate their cars with vinyl wrap, not only for new fashion but also for protecting the car paint. Thus the quality of car vinyl wrap is of vital importance, which can’t be harm to the original paint, and also can’t fade after installation. This article is mainly focus on giving advices about how to choose correct high quality car vinyl wrap.

Firstly, we should notice the glue used on the car vinyl. Low viscosity and removable glue is a must. CARLIKE Car Vinyl Wrap use initial low viscosity glue imported from USA, which makes sure that the vinyl wrap can stick or remove easily while installing it. It saves at least 12 hours for installation, compared with some sticky low quality vinyl wrap in the market (usually takes 24-48 hours to wrap one car). Besides, CARLIKE Car Vinyl Wrap adopt removable glue, which means that after installation for 2-3 years or more, the vinyl wrap can be very easily removed, no residual glue remains on the paint surface and the car paint looks like brand new.

Why choose CARLIKE Car Vinyl Wrap

Secondly, if you are a vinyl wrap installer, you may also notice that the stretchability and conformability is very significant and may have great influence to the installation process. CARLIKE Car Vinyl Wrap utilizes double casting technology to guarantee that the car vinyl wrap is stretchable even under normal temperature. And after heating the car vinyl, it becomes super stretchable and easy to conform to the edges and corners. Moreover, if you failed to wrap the car vinyl and the vinyl gets wrinkled, you just need to move it, heat the vinyl, and it will recover and looks like brand new. Therefore, with high quality CARLIKE car vinyl wrap, you don’t need to be afraid that you may destroy or damage the vinyl while wrapping, even you are a green hand, you can practice with the vinyl wrap for several times.

Why choose CARLIKE Car Vinyl Wrap

Why choose CARLIKE Car Vinyl Wrap

Thirdly, many people pay much attention to the outdoor durability and color fading problem. CARLIKE Car Vinyl Wrap factory is located in Guangzhou city, where there are almost 10 month in summer with continuous high temperature. From the experiments made before launch and feedback from domestic customers, CARLIKE Car Vinyl Wrap double casting types can be used outdoor for 5 years, and the color can also last up to 5 years.

In conclusion, if you are confused about the quality of car vinyl wrap, or want to test some new colors in the market, CARLIKE Car Vinyl Wrap is a good choice for you.

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