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How to Fix Vinyl Wrap Bubbles

Jan 12, 2023

Taking proper steps during the installation process can help prevent bubbles from showing up under the surface of a vinyl wrap; however, in the event that bubbling does occur, it is important to ensure that your vinyl wrap technician knows how to fix vinyl wrap bubbles.

How to fix vinyl wrap bubbles

1. Preventing Vinyl Wrap Bubbles

While vinyl wrap bubbles can be caused in a variety of different ways, the best way to prevent bubbling is to follow installation procedures that ensure adequate surface preparation and that the installation process is performed in optimal environment conditions, in terms of humidity and temperature. A professional installation technician will take the time to properly clean and dry all surfaces that the vinyl is being applied to. This is extremely important because leaving even the smallest amount of dirt or debris on the vehicle’s surface can lead to bubbling.

2. Removing Vinyl Wrap Bubbles
While vinyl wrap bubbles can be easily removed during the installation process, it is important to note that the longer a bubble stays underneath the surface of the vinyl wrap, the more problems it can create. In the event that you find a bubble in your vehicle wrap, the installation technician will be able to help you remove it by taking one of the following steps, depending on the size of the bubble:

1) Use an extremely tiny pin to put a small hole in the centre of the bubble in order to pop it.

2) Squeegee around the bubble to press the air out of it.

3) Use special rivet tools to remove and prevent bubbles.

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