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How to Prevent Vinyl Wraps from Peeling

Jan 12, 2023

In most cases, car wraps are able to easily withstand certain types of damage like dings and scratches; however, vinyl wraps can start to peel over time if they did not properly adhere to the car’s paint during installation. We know how to prevent vinyl wraps from peeling over time.

How to prevent vinyl wraps from peeling
Do car wraps fade?

Some of the steps that can be taken to ensure that your car wrap will last for years to come include:

1. Hire a Professional

The first step in ensuring that your car wrap will last for a long time is to have it installed by a professional. An experienced vinyl wrap professional will know exactly what steps need to be taken in order to ensure that the vinyl will properly adhere to the vehicle and will not peel over the course of its life.

2. Make Sure the Car is Cleaned Properly

Before a vinyl wrap is installed on a vehicle, a reputable car wrap company will take the time to properly clean the car to make sure that there are no traces of wax, dirt, or debris on the vehicle’s paint. Doing so will significantly increase the chances that the vinyl wrap will adhere to the vehicle for a longer period of time.

Can a wrap go through a car wash?

After a wrap has been installed on a vehicle, it is also important to ensure that the wrap is being properly maintained by cleaning it often. When cleaning a vinyl wrap, make sure to handwash the car using soap, water, and a soft cloth or sponge. Using harsh chemicals or using a car wash could result in the car wrap peeling.

3. Use High-Quality Vinyl Products

It is important to keep in mind that, when it comes to vinyl wraps, you get what you pay for. Higher quality vinyl wrap products will outlast lower quality products and will provide a better level of adhesion. This means that high-quality vinyl wraps will be far less likely to peel compared to cheaper, low-quality vinyl wraps.

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