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How to choose car paint protection film?

Jul 04, 2021

People nowadays know how to cherish their cars more and more, and many friends around them have also put on car paint protective films on their cars. Not only can it prevent the damage of car paint caused by ultraviolet oxidation, rain corrosion, etc., a good car paint protective film can automatically repair even some small scratches, and it has become a major “artifact” for the majority of car lovers. . However, the car paint protective film is developing rapidly now, and various brands of car paint protective film are also emerging in endlessly, and the quality is also uneven. So how to choose a set of car paint protective film that you are satisfied with has become a problem for the majority of car friends. But don’t panic, let’s take a look at the correct posture for choosing a car paint protective film.

How to choose car paint protective film

First, look at the brand. You must choose a brand with a good reputation, and you can’t choose some miscellaneous brands without warranty because of greed. It will not take long for bubbles to appear, and no claims will be settled. The glue will be left when it is torn off. It takes a lot of effort to clean it. It is costly and laborious. What do you think of this kind of car paint protective film? Didn’t you trouble yourself? When choosing a brand, you can go to find out some on the Internet or go to their official website to do a comparison. Anyway, you can shop around. Second, look at the material. Nowadays, most of the materials on the market are PVC and TPU. Although TPU is more expensive than PVC, its performance is much better. After all, one price for one product, I recommend TPU car paint protective film! This kind of high definition, thick and smooth. The third one is purchase through formal channels. There will be no pie in the sky, and all mines are dropped. Just step on it, and make sure you step on one! Remember not to be greedy for petty and cheap, and go through some crooked ways. It looks like it is cheaper than buying through regular channels, but it is invariably fake and inferior.

How to choose car paint protective film

I wish everyone can choose a good product!

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