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Car wrap vinyl quality contrast choose high quality auto vinyl

Jul 10, 2021

Use colorful car wrap vinyl to change the appearance of the whole car or part of the car by covering and wrapping. However, vinyl quality will affect the overall wrapping effect.

The current car wrap film products include: Paint Protection Film, Pearl Vinyl, Matte Vinyl, Gloss Vinyl, Chameleon Vinyl, Camouflage Vinyl, Carbon Fiber film, etc.

High-quality VS Poor-quality Car wrap vinyl

The advantages of good quality vinyl:

1. Change the color of the car body without damaging the original paint.
2. Easy to operate, better protection of vehicle integrity.
3. If you want to restore the original car paint, just remove the film.
4. Can keep the color for a long time without fading.
5. Small scratches can be restored automatically.

High-quality VS Poor-quality Car wrap vinyl

The disadvantages of poor quality vinyl:

1. The color has chromatic aberration.
2. Peel off the residual glue, will affect the gloss of the car paint.
3. Poor ductility, can only be pasted on a flat surface, not curved surfaces and corners.
4. Poor adhesive strength.

High-quality VS Poor-quality Car wrap vinyl

Therefore, it is important to understand the quality of the car wrap vinyl film.

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