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Six Benefits Of Car Paste Explosion-proof Insulation Film

Dec 24, 2022

1. Heat insulation
Heat insulation is the first major advantage of explosion-proof insulation film. At present, the explosion-proof insulation film has been able to control the heat of the sun very well. Compared with the car without the film, the car with the film can effectively block 78% of the heat of the sun, making driving more comfortable in hot summer, reducing the frequency of air conditioning, and saving fuel. However, if the car is parked in the sun after the film is applied, the temperature inside the car will not be prevented from rising for too long.

2. Protect the skin
Ultraviolet rays in sunlight have strong penetrating power, and the penetration power can reach the dermis of the human body. In mild cases, it can cause skin redness, blisters, and peeling, and in severe cases, it can induce skin cancer. In the United States and Canada, where sunbathing is popular, there are even more than 1 million new skin cancer patients every year. The explosion-proof heat insulation film on the car can block more than 98% of ultraviolet rays, so as to protect the skin.

3. Safeguards in traffic accidents
In accidental traffic accidents, the explosion-proof insulation film can adhere the broken glass to the film, and will not hurt people due to the splashing of glass debris, thus ensuring the safety of the occupants in the car.

4. Ensure driving safety
Dangerous glare can be reduced after the film is applied. The sources of glare include: sunlight, snow or other car headlights, etc. The glare will make people blink unconsciously and affect driving safety. What is emphasized here is that the windshield glass film must choose an explosion-proof heat-insulating film with a transmittance of more than 70%, so as to ensure driving safety. It is necessary to choose the brand explosion-proof heat insulation film, because the reliability of the transmittance data of the brand heat insulation film is greater.

5. Protect privacy
The film can protect privacy, but also protect the safety of property and items in the car. The high-quality explosion-proof heat insulation film also has a one-way perspective function. The outside of the car can be clearly seen from the inside of the car through the explosion-proof heat insulation film, but people outside the car cannot clearly see the items inside the car (mirror reflection phenomenon) . Thieves can’t see clearly and can’t grasp the situation in the car, so they can’t steal. Even if the thief really steals, it is not an easy task to smash the windows with the explosion-proof heat insulation film. In addition, the burglar of the vehicle has to flee quickly.

6. Slow down fading
Ultraviolet rays in the sun will age, fade and crack the interior of the car, such as leather chairs, dashboards and other plastic parts. After the film is applied, the interior of the car can be shiny and always new, and it also ensures the value of the vehicle when it is sold for the second time

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