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Vinyl Wrap Maintenance

Dec 24, 2022

You may not be aware, but a vinyl wrap protects your original paint job in addition to drawing attention to your brand. Although a wrap provides vehicle protection, proper maintenance and cleanliness of your wrap should be observed. Neglecting proper care of your wrap may result in a reduction in its durability and lifespan.

Why do I need to clean wrap?
Throughout normal driving conditions, the vinyl wrap will become dirty, covered in bugs, and come in contact with various chemicals from the road surface. Unless cleaned, your wrap will appear dirty and will appear dull under the layers of dirt and grime. After months of driving, and no cleaning regime, your once vivid eye catching wrap will be splattered with dirt and grime that will detract from its overall appeal. Additionally, if you don’t clean and remove chemicals and emissions that have come in contact with the wrap, they may begin to eat away at the protective coating on the wrap. If left unattended the wrap will become more susceptible to UV rays that will dull and fade the color and ink on the wrap.

Washing Your Wrap
Ensure that on a regular basis you wash a wrap, especially when it becomes dirty. Do not use a high-pressure washer, the water pressure can easily puncture the wrap and leave holes and tears. When washing your vehicle, ensure to hold the hose so that the water stream is perpendicular to the wrap surface, especially near the edges of the wrap. Should the water catch the edge of the wrap at an angle, it may begin to lift the glue. A corner or edge of a wrap may become detached and continue to lift over time resulting in the wrap slowly pealing away from the surface of the vehicle.

Waxing Your Wrap
Using vehicle wax on your wrap is safe, and it may also add further UV protection to the wrap. Avoid wax with petroleum distillates as it can harm the wrap. Keep in mind that if you apply wax to a matte wrap, the wrap texture may be affected and become shiny

A vinyl wrap can protect your car for years to come, but only if you help protect the wrap. Don’t neglect it by letting it become dirty and use caution when cleaning it.

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