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Tips for using application transfer film

Sep 18, 2019

Transfer film is used to transfer patterns&stickers. Some complicated patterns, such as flowers, cumbersome words, especially some small patterns, can only be pasted by transfer film. Pay special attention to the viscosity of the transfer film. If the viscosity is very strong, the surface layer of the wall will be damaged after use. The low-viscosity transfer film must be used for the wall sticker.

1. Start construction, prepare for work, you need a pair of scissors, a card (such as bank card, transportation card, etc.) and a knife. Before you paste it, it is best to test the quality of the wall and cut a small part of the transfer film. Try to stick the corners. Generally, the low-viscosity transfer film will not damage the surface of the wall.

2. Peel the transparent transfer film off the release paper and move slowly when operating. Of course, we also have transfer film without a release paper. A transparent transfer film is then applied over the pattern.
TIPS: If it is a large pattern, it is recommended to operate by two people.

Tips for using application transfer film

3. Use the card or bank card to repeatedly scrape back and forth on the transfer film to make the pattern and the transfer film stick together better. No bubbles will appear after sticking to the wall. If the pattern is tightly typed, you need to cut it with scissors. The patterned release paper will then be peeled off.

4. Next we attach the pattern to the wall. When attaching the pattern, we can first stick the corner of the transfer film to the wall, then slowly stick the patterned transfer film in the downward direction on the wall. In the patterned place, use a card or a finger to repeat the direction from the middle of the pattern to the surrounding area, so that the sticker is better adhered to the wall.

Tips for using application transfer film

When tearing the transfer film off the wall, try to be as slow as possible. You can peel off the transfer film while pressing the pattern, and do not tear the pattern together.

Tips: If the area of the transfer film is not enough, it does not matter. The transfer film can be reused. Generally, a transfer film can be reused 2-5 times.

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