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How to install frosted window glass tint film?

Jul 12, 2021

1. Before sticking the frosted window tint film, cut the film according to the specified size. Generally, the area used should be one or two centimeters more. Wash the glass thoroughly. Spray more water and scrape with the film several times to make the glass free of lint, dust and sand. Especially for the four corners, spray water on the glass after washing and before applying the film to keep it moist and lubricated.

How to install frosted window tint film?

2. Tear off the release film, spray water on the film while tearing it, don’t let the film get dust, then quickly attach the film to the glass and place it in proportion.

3. Attach the release film to the film to prevent the film from being scratched when it is scratched.

How to install frosted window tint film?

4. First, use a soft scraper to scrape out the excess visible water. When scraping, you must follow a certain order, from the middle to the surrounding area.

5. When you can’t see the water inside, scrape with a hard scraper to squeeze out all the water inside.

How to install frosted window tint film?

6. Tear off the release film and cut off the excess film with a blade

7. Wait for natural air-drying and finish

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