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High-Quality Eco Solvent Printing Self Adhesive Vinyl

Jul 22, 2021

Eco Solvent printing self-adhesive vinyl is widely used in vehicle advertising, Poster, Commercial outdoor & indoor advertising. So a Eco Solvent printing self-adhesive vinyl is very important to the advertising effect. Let’s share the characteristics of a good product below.

1. Eco-solvent printing vinyl is an oil-based printing film, which is a vinyl material printed with eco-solvent ink, and its main component is still organic solvent.

2.Good quality printing vinyl has high whiteness, good coverage, soft touching feeling, high elasticity, stretch resistance, no cracking, and good durability.

3. The finished printed vinyl generally has a matte effect, which is more natural, simulated and more delicate than the cloth surface fabric effect.

Final a tip: Due to the particularity of the product itself, it is recommended not to use corrosive cleaning agents or bleaching agents for cleaning.

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