• CARLIKE CL-6DCF Super Gloss 6D Carbon Fiber Vinyl

    Characteristic:Stretchable, Removable

    Brand: CARLIKETM

    Model Number: CL-6DCF

    Performance level: Premium+

    Film produce technology: Calendered

    Size: 1.52x18M/5x59FT

    Film thickness (with glue): 180micron, 7.2mil

    Release paper: 140g/m2, Silicone coated

    Adhesive thickness: 30μm

    Durability: 3 years

    Air bubble free: Yes

    Application: Car wrap, laptop, cell phones, wall, furniture

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  • Color PVC Cricut Cutting Vinyl Roll Film

    Characteristic: Super gloss, Super matte

    Size: 0.61x50M/24"x163FT, 1.22x50M/60"x163FT

    Film thickness: 100micron, 4mil

    Glue thickness: 25μm

    Release paper: 140g

    Durability: Outdoor 2-3 years, indoor 5 years

    Adhesive style: Transparent, polyacrylate, removable

    Application: Computer cutting, graphic, advertising, sign, poster, car decal sticker, decoration, furniture

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  • White Black Privacy Window Sticker One Way Vision Vinyl Film

    Model Number: SINO
    Material: PVC Vinyl, High quality PVC film
    Size: 0.914/1.07/1.27/1.37/1.52*50m
    Color: Double sided black/White-Black/Transparent
    Film produce technology: Calendered
    Film thickness(with glue): 120-180 microns
    Glue thickness: 30μm
    Release paper: 120-210g
    Durability: 3 years
    Light transmission: 40%
    Adhesive style: Black, polyacrylate, removable
    Application: Solvent printing, sign

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  • 3100 PET 3200 Acrylic Reflective Sheeting

    Characteristic: Super strong reflective surface

    Size: 1.22x45.7M/4x149FT or 0.61x45.7M/2x149FT

    Film thickness: 100 microns

    Glue thickness: 25μm

    Release paper: 140g

    Durability: 3 years

    Adhesive style: Transparent, polyacrylate, removable

    Application: Cutting, sign, car decal sticker, wall decoration

    We can do free cut 1.22x45.7M/4x149FT to 2 rolls 0.61x45.7M/2x149FT

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  • Office Home Decorative Glass Window Matt Frosted Silver Vinyl Film

    Model Number: SINO-3009
    Size: 1.22*50m
    Material: PVC
    Function: Decorative
    Type: Glass Films
    Surface Treatment: Embossed, Frosted / Etched
    Application: Family and Office Window
    Water Proof: Yes
    Weather Proof: Yes
    OEM: Yes
    Easy to apply and removable
    Longer life span: 3-5 years
    No residue of glue on surface while tearing off the film

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