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Can You Wrap a Car with Damaged Paint

Feb 20, 2023

4 Types of Paint Damage That are not Suitable for Vinyl Wraps

In most cases, it is recommended to only install a new vinyl wrap on factory-painted vehicles in good condition. The following damaged surfaces are not suitable for vinyl wraps:

1. Paint with Deep Scratches

Any deep scratches, chips, or other obvious defects in your vehicle’s paint will only become magnified once the vinyl wrap is installed. It is also important to note that removing a vinyl wrap from damaged paint may cause the paint surrounding the damaged area to be pulled off with the wrap, increasing the size of the scratches or chips.

2. Paint with an Orange Peel Texture

Low-quality aftermarket paint jobs with excess paint can often have an orange peel texture that cannot be hidden with a vinyl wrap. If your car has an orange peel texture, you will need to have the paint professionally repaired and allow for the proper cure time before a vinyl wrap can be applied.

3. Rusted or Oxidized Metal

If your vehicle has been exposed to rust or oxidation, it is not suitable for a vinyl wrap because the rust particles will stick to the film and cause the wrap to lose its adhesive grip. While certain small patches of rust or oxidization can be repaired, larger patches or sections will require extensive and costly repairs to ensure that the surface is suitable for a wrap.

4. A Peeling Clear Coat

In addition to your vehicle’s paint, it is important to monitor the condition of your clear coat before having a wrap installed. A peeling clear coat can show through certain types of vinyl materials and finishes while increasing the risk of bubbling or creasing, reducing the appeal and durability of your wrap. Removing the wrap can also cause additional peeling for the clear coat, accelerating the rate of wear and damage to your vehicle.


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