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Top 10 favourite car colours in the Europe

Feb 21, 2023

What is the most popular car colour In the Europe?

When it comes to the Europe’s favourite car colours, it’s a bit of a grey area.

Of the Europe’s top 10 car colours, grey was the most popular shade of automobile nationwide in 2022 (24.35% of new cars), followed by black (19.90%) and white (17.37%).


Colour psychology of the top three most popular car colours

When it comes to the most popular car colours, colour psychology could certainly have a part to play in the colour choice of your vehicle.

Grey may be associated with stability and reliability, while black is linked to luxury and sophistication.

The popularity of white has been connected to the “Apple effect”, and the clean, tasteful elegance of the Californian computer giant.


What are the 10 most popular car colours in the Europe?

The following table shows the top 10 Europe car colours 2022

Rank Colour Market share
1 GREY 24.40%
2 BLACK 19.90%
3 WHITE 17.40%
4 BLUE 16.90%
5 RED 9%
6 SILVER 7.50%
7 ORANGE 1.30%
8 GREEN 0.90%
9 YELLOW 0.40%
10 Brown 0.10%

Overall, there were 106 different distinct colours registered throughout the year with the least popular colour nationwide being maroon.

But there were a few splashes of colour over the 12 months, with blue the fourth most popular car colour (16.9%), followed by red (9%), silver (7.5%), green (0.9%), orange (1.3%), yellow (0.4%) and bronze (0.1%).


Car wrapping colour availability

One study suggested nearly 40% of new car buyers would choose another brand if the model they initially wanted was not available in the colour of choice.


More generally, 85% of customers “report colour has an influence on their decision to buy a product”.


To a degree it seems the colour of a car may sometimes trump things like high safety ratings and impressive fuel economy; what’s on the outside really does count.




What factors may influence preferred car colour?

Many factors can influence a motorists choice of car colour, These can include:


Will it show the dirt?

Will it be seen in the dark?

Will it impact resale value?

Does it express my personality?

In addition, those in warmer climates tend to choose lighter coloured cars, possibly to reflect the heat.


Perhaps it’s no surprise that Brits, plagued by such changeable weather, have chosen the ultimate middle-ground shade – of grey.


Many people use the car wrap vinyl,they need to ensure customers have popular shades and colours available.


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