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How Often Should You Replace a Car Wrap

Jan 05, 2023

3 Important Questions to Consider

The following questions can help you determine if it is time to replace your car wrap:

1. Has Your Wrap Been Damaged?

Proper care and cleaning are crucial for maintaining the appearance and durability of your wrap. Failure to perform routine cleaning and maintenance can result in fading, rips, bubbles, and other types of damage. Though a lack of care is a common cause of wrap damage, it is important to account for accidents as well. Car accidents, collisions with nearby objects, and flying rocks on the highway can all cause damage to your wrap. If your wrap has been damaged due to an accident, it will likely make sense to have it repaired or replaced.

2. Is Your Brand or Logo Changing?

If your wrap is used to advertise and promote your business, it likely features your company name, logo, and other important information. Should any of this information change, you may need to replace portions of your wrap to align with these changes. If you rebrand or change your company colours, you may need to replace the entire wrap to maintain consistency across the board. For example, if your business card uses different colours and a different logo than your wrap, this may not leave a positive impression on clients.

3. How Long Have You Had the Same Wrap?

Though our wraps are designed to last between 7-9 years, you may choose to update your wrap before then for a variety of reasons. For example, you may simply want to change up the look of your car or wish to try a different approach to advertising. Changing up a business wrap design every 4-5 years can increase viewer engagement as they may get used to your old design over time and start to ignore it.

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