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How To Remove Vinyl From Your Car?

Apr 27, 2022

No matter how you care , your vinyl car wrap will degrade. Some wraps last over a decade, while others only a few years. Fortunately, removing vinyl car wrap is an easy task. All you need is a heat gun and adhesive remover.


How To Remove Vinyl From Your Car?


1. Use your fingernail or plastic scraper to pull the wrap from the edges of the entire panel. It’s going to look gnarly, but it’ll all be gone in a few minutes.


2. Use the heat gun to evenly heat the surface of the wrap to about 120 °F (50 °C). This will loosen the adhesive so you can pull it off. Use a non-contact infrared thermometer to confirm you aren’t overheating, which can lead to excessive adhesive residue left on the surface.


3. Pull the wrap away from the edges at a steep angle, pulling the wrap back on itself at 15 to 20 degrees. When the wrap gets hard to pull, reheat and start pulling again.


4. Finally, remove any adhesive residue from the surface of the panel.
How To Remove Vinyl From Your Car?

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