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What is Reflective Vinyl Pros and Cons

Sep 08, 2019

Reflective vinyl is one of the many specialty vinyls available today. It is similar to our standard vinyl in that it can be cut to shape & applied to any glossy surface. It is different in the fact that it has a metallic, reflective base that causes it to reflect back light when light is shone on it. Most people have seen this on road signs or street signs, police cars, ambulance or emergency trucks and fire trucks. This allows your decals to stand out at night. There are a few pros and cons to consider when making the decision to use reflective vinyl decals.

What is Reflective Vinyl Pros and Cons


Highly visible after dark-additional benefit of advertising at night
Long lasting premium vinyl
Great for signs around your business parking lot if you are open after dark
Reflective striping is very helpful in allowing tractor trailers (semis) to be visible at night
The best solution for public signs that need to be visible at night

Slightly more difficult to apply
(Can not use application fluid or water when applying)
More expensive
The pros will usually outweigh the cons unless there is not a need for your signs or vehicles to be visible after dark. Reflective vinyl decals extend your advertising benefits to all hours, can add a unique classy look to your vehicle and are very useful when creating signage and decals to direct the public.

What is Reflective Vinyl Pros and Cons

You can design your very own custom reflective decals, reflective lettering, or even reflective signs on This site allows you to design online, preview your design and gives you an instant price as you add or subtract lettering or clipart. Orders ship in 24 hours and can arrive at your doorstep quicker than your local sign shop can get a proof and quote for you. All without ever having to leave your home or business. Just design your lettering, place it in your shopping cart, checkout with any major credit card and your order will be on its way the very next day. Or for a small “rush” fee you can even have it ship the same day!

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