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What If It Rains The Next Day After Wrapping PPF

Dec 13, 2022

There are many owners have asked me the same question, asked me “posted car clothes the next day rain how to do.” The next day after the invisible car coat is pasted on the car, it is not necessarily impossible to get wet. It depends on how long the car coat has been pasted and what kind of rain it is.

1. Drizzle
If it takes more than 12 hours to stick the car coat on the car, you can drive out in drizzly weather. This level of rain has little impact on the car clothing. However, we should pay attention to whether the car clothing has curled edges. If curled edges occur, we need to go to a professional film shop in time to deal with them.

2. Heavy rain

It’s better not to drive out the next day if it’s pouring with rain. Because the fit degree between the car and the body is not very high at this time, the car and the body may shift under the wash of heavy rain (and water gun), therefore, it is not recommended to drive out in this case, it is better to wait for a period of time, until the car and the body is completely fit.

Just after the car clothes, the car clothes and the body is not completely fit, so in this period, it is strictly prohibited to use high pressure water gun cleaning, otherwise it has an impact on the adhesion and fastness of the invisible car clothes. In severe cases, the high pressure will wash water into the inside of the car, there may be a bulge.

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