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Protecting Your Vinyl Car Wrap in Winter

Feb 21, 2023

As temperatures start to drop and the chance of snow increases, vehicle care and maintenance become more important than ever. This is especially true for vinyl car wraps as many seasonal hazards are only present in winter. Road salt, sand, and ice are just some examples of the hazards that are present during this season. Proper awareness of these hazards and knowing how to handle them is crucial for protecting your vinyl car wrap in winter.

1. Clean Your Vehicle Often
Rain and snow fall in much higher volumes throughout winter, leaving dirt and other deposits on your wrap over time. Be sure to clean your vehicle every two weeks with a wet cloth and soap to remove this debris as it can cause damage to your wrap if it gets under the surface or between sections. Though regular cleaning is important, be sure to avoid washing your car in freezing conditions as this can cause ice to form on your vehicle or in your driveway.

2. Do not let Snow Turn into Ice
Snow that is left on the surface of your vehicle may turn to ice overnight. This ice can stick to the vinyl and become extremely difficult to remove without damaging your wrap. If any snow starts to build up on your vehicle, be sure to brush it off as soon as possible.

3. Avoid Scrapers
While scrapers are great for removing ice from your windows, they should never be used on a vinyl wrap as they can puncture it or cause it to start peeling. If you need to remove ice from the surface of your vehicle, a soft brush is often the best option.

4. Be Mindful of Road Salt and Sand
Driving in snowy conditions often means driving through road salt and sand. These substances can get stuck to your vehicle’s wheels, wheel wells, and undercarriage, potentially damaging vital components. If salt lands on your vinyl wrap, it can quickly start to corrode it and leave lasting damage. Once your vehicle is safely parked, be sure to use a soft brush to remove all substances from the surface of your vehicle.


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