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Pros And Cons - Vinyl VS Paint

Apr 16, 2022

If you’re considering changing the look of your vehicle with a paint job or a vinyl wrap, each has its advantages. A paint job used to be the de facto standard – after all, it’s worked for over a century. A paint job requires a professional’s touch, not to mention professional equipment, to get a showroom finish, which drives up the cost and slows things down. Multiple or special colors, such as pearlescent or metallic finishes, further increases time and costs. Graphics or custom designs require another specialist’s touch, typically hand finished.


Such basic or custom paint jobs last the life of the vehicle, possibly decades. On the one hand, such permanence may be desirable, but outlandish combinations can be polarizing. For a show car with a pedigree, custom paint can dramatically increase its value.

Pros And Cons - Vinyl VS Paint


Vinyl Car Wrap Technology


Thanks to advances in vinyl car wrap technology, it’s no longer prohibitively expensive to completely change the look of your car, particularly if you plan on doing it yourself. Going the professional route, vinyl car wrapping can cost as much as a paint job, but patience and a steady hand can make even a full car wrap go smoothly for a do-it-yourselfer. In fact, the tools required are easily accessible and require no special licenses, training, or experience. Basic color changes, even multiple colors, don’t add much to the overall cost of the project, but custom graphics, prints, or finishes may increase the cost of materials. Still, the finished product can be particularly stunning.


The very nature of vinyl car wrap lends itself to temporary applications. With proper care, a quality car wrap can last five to seven years, perhaps ten years. For permanence, this may be undesirable, but temporary might be perfect for certain drivers. Maybe you’ll want to change the look again in a couple years or you want to sell the car – little old ladies may not be keen on those oh-so-metal graphics. In either case, removing vinyl car wrap only requires a couple basic tools and supplies, and doesn’t affect the original finish in the least. In fact, the original paint job will be better than one of similar vintage, because vinyl car wrap blocks paint-damaging ultraviolet light, maintaining the resale value of your vehicle.

Pros And Cons - Vinyl VS Paint

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