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How to use photoluminescent film? Glow in dark vinyl supplier wholesale factory

Sep 14, 2019

In the natural light, fluorescent lamps, incandescent lamps and other light sources after a certain period of time, can continue to shine overnight, people have been accustomed to call it luminous film.

According to their application, they can be divided into two categories: organic light emitting products made of organic materials and inorganic materials combined with inorganic products.

How to use luminescence film?

The main application environment of light emitting materials is organic light-emitting products. With the expansion of applications, the varieties of luminous products are increasing.

In the preparation of organic light-emitting products, a lot of technical difficulties should be solved, such as:

The contradiction between the refinement of luminescent materials and the decrease of luminescence properties

How to use luminescence film?

Dispersion and poor settlement of luminescent materials due to the inconsistent density or particle size of the products

Weatherability of organic light emitting products used outdoors
Problems in the production of luminous products, such as uneven contraction of light emitting plate and uneven luminescence.

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