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Heat Press Machine Working Steps

Sep 02, 2019

The heat press machine is not only affordable to buy; it is also easy to use. All you have to do is to follow the instructions on the manual and the step by step guide perfectly to operate your machine.
There are many types of heat press machine in the market and each of them has different pattern of operation. But one thing that is constant is that they have the same basic operational standard.
Things To Do To Get The Best Result From Your Heat Press Machine.
Apply a high level of Heat:
your heat press machine needs a high level of heat to produce a satisfying output. Therefore never fear when you are increasing the heat level. Using a low-level heat will prevent your artwork design from sticking tightly on the garment.

Heat Press Machine Working Steps

To avoid this, it is imperative to apply high heat ?during the process. All you have to do is to adhere to the temperature settings that are written on the transfer paper.

Selecting the best Fabric:
You may not know it but it is not every fabric that is tolerant to heat pressing. Materials that are sensitive to heat or melt when they are placed on a hot surface should not be printed on.

Heat Press Machine Working Steps

Again any fabric that will need to be washed after the printing should be avoided or washed before printing. This will help to prevent the wrinkles that will make them look awful. Therefore, carefully select the best materials that are tolerant to heat press printing like.

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