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How To Extend The Life Expectancy Of A Car Vinyl Wrap

Jan 07, 2023

Having a garage will make a huge difference. However, you can also prolong the cover’s duration by properly cleaning the car and not driving during harsh weather conditions.

Simply put, car wraps are not ideal for regions with extreme weather. This is especially true for areas that are getting a lot of snow or rain. But even strong sun can pose a problem.

If your car is exposed to these extremes, small bubbles might start appearing within the wrap. In most cases, this will happen during the first few weeks after installation. However, it is very important not to press on them and instead, take your car back to the shop. Bubbles can be easily fixed by applying some heat to the wrap.

Most car owners make a mistake when washing their cars. The problem can occur due to either improper or infrequent washing. You need to clean your car the right way and with the right products to maximize its longevity.

Here are some general tips that will help you maintain a vinyl car wrap:

Always use soft fabric for cleaning or polishing the car. You can also use a sponge. Even if there is some stain on the car, you should avoid scrubbing it too harshly.
Strong chemical products will always damage your wrap, whether we’re talking about cleaning substances or something else.
Avoid going to a car wash. Instead, clean it yourself by using a non-abrasive product. Once you’re done, make sure to thoroughly rinse the car.
Pressure washing can pose problems. Even if you’re keeping an eye on the pressure, the sheer force can easily cause tears in the material.
The best wrap polishes utilize silicone or Teflon. On the other hand, you shouldn’t use carnauba waxes.
If you spill liquid on your car or something else that might damage it, wipe it as soon as possible.
Don’t use polish or wax on specialty wraps.
Ideally, a car owner should test the cleaning product before placing it onto the wrap. Citrus degreasers are great for bugs and debris.
As previously mentioned, while there is an option to pressure wash your car, it is usually not recommended. People love to put intricate designs and motifs on their cars, and even the slightest damage can ruin the pattern.

Unfortunately, pressure washing is inevitable for companies that have a fleet of cars with their logo and custom wraps.

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