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How much cost do i need to pay for car wrap?

Nov 06, 2018

car wrap cost

We get asked this very vague question a lot and it is hard to answer without being given the correct relevant information. First you want to try checking our “pricing” page which was made just to answer this question. Getting straight to some general pricing, an average graphic advertisement wrap is about $2500 and the average color change paint replacement wrap is closer to $3600. Chrome wraps? Most chrome wraps start in the $6,000 range… yes, it’s that expensive! Chrome vinyl is the most expensive film and hardest to install. Want to just wrap your rooftop or hood? That can cost closer to $200-$450. Interior parts? $400-$800. All the chrome trim on the outside of your vehicle, $500 to $1200. These are all of course just a ballpark range and your price could be slightly less or possibly even more expensive.

Now lets get to some determining facts which most people leave out when contacting us. The make model and year of the vehicle being wrapped AND what type of wrap. Every vehicle is different as are most wraps. For example, a full size SUV would cost more than a compact 2 door sedan… but a full wrap on a compact sedan may cost more than larger cargo van which will not be wrapped on the bumpers or rooftop since in many cases it doesn’t make sense to wrap an area which is not visible. Plus, the cargo van has less windows than the compact sedan which means less cuts and the type of wrap would also make a difference. Graphic wraps for business advertising are generally less expensive than paint replacement film because, the detail required for a color change is much more extensive therefore requiring more material and more labor. For paint replacement film, the installation needs to be immaculate and that is where our expertise comes in. When we say “the average paint wrap”, we mean standard colors. Specialty films with texture like carbon fiber, brushed metal and leather can add roughly $800-$1000 to the price of a wrap, whereas Chrome or other exotic finishes can add anywhere between $2000 to $4500 to a wrap.

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