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Comparison of car wrap vinyl and painting effect, car wrap UK

Aug 23, 2019

In the process of modifying the color of the car body, car wrap vinyl is much simpler than the paint.
First of all, the ambient temperature of the painting is relatively high. If it is painted by the whole car, the original car paint should be polished beforehand. After various treatments, the car body should be leveled and then painted. However, wrapping car wrap vinyl is relatively simple, and it can be done directly on the surface of the original paint. Generally, the painting time is about 4 days, including the time to dry the paint surface. If the temperature conditions are not good, the paint color change car will take about a week to get on the road.

Comparison of car wrap vinyl and painting effect

1. If I want to change the color of the car, but I don’t want to destroy the original paint surface. So car wrap vinyl is a good choice. Because the original paint surface is sprayed through strict procedures and special construction conditions, the repair paint can’t be compared with the original paint.

2. The whole car painting needs to disassemble many auto parts, some body parts are one-time parts, they have to be replaced when they are dismantled. If they are not removed, they can’t be perfect or sprayed to other positions. The car wrap vinyl only needs to disassemble some parts;

3, The entire car painting, you need to polish the entire car paint surface, later sold as a second-used car will depreciate;

4. The vehicle is partially repainted, which is prone to chromatic aberration, and the car wrap vinyl does not produce chromatic aberration;

Comparison of car wrap vinyl and painting effect

5. For owners who often like to change color, car wrap vinyl is more suitable, because the paint takes a long time, the paint surface is repeatedly polished;

6. The spray painting is sprayed directly on the surface of the car paint, so the paint cannot be restored. If the pattern is first painted on the car wrap vinyl, it will play a protective role and also play an aesthetic role, without affecting the original paint surface;

7. The car wrap vinyl does not need any maintenance. The car paint needs to be waxed and plated regularly. Car wrap vinyl can save the maintenance cost of the paint surface and protect the paint.

8. The car wrap vinyl is environmentally friendly and will not affect the environment;

Comparison of car wrap vinyl and painting effect

9. If the paint effect is not good, the car paint can not be restored, and the film can be removed at any time and restore the original appearance;

Although the paint does not have some advantages as described above, it does not mean that the paint is not as good as the car wrap vinyl. After all, as far as the original car is concerned, we try to save the effect of the original car paint, which is the reason why the paint protection film is relatively popular.

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