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How to Choose the Right Cutting Plotter

Sep 10, 2019

Cutting plotter is a device used to engrave graphics or words on objects such as paper, sign cutting stickers, reflective sheeting. It works with computer, which can create concise images with beautiful shapes. Nowadays, many people use the cutting plotter to help design DIY stickers or advertising logo or images etc. Thus, how to choose the right plotter with suitable width and exact model is very important, since different width and model, the price is very different.

Here we are going to provide you the necessary knowledge you may need before purchasing.
Firstly, choose the right size you need. Usually cutting plotter users use this machine to design sign cutting vinyl or heat transfer vinyl. As it is known that for the same brand plotter, the bigger the size is, the much higher the plotter will be. Therefore, choose the right width we need is good way to help save money. SINO cutting plotter has 6 different sizes of cutting plotter: SINO-361 (on desk), SINO-721, SINO-871, SINO-1101, SINO-1351 and SINO-1661. The most popular and practical width is SINO-721 (28inches) and SINO-1351 (48inches), since mostly the material we work with is around these sizes.

How to Choose the Right Cutting Plotter

Secondly, consider the basic function and performance parameters. Take cutting speed as an example, the faster cutting speed can save much time on the design, which means can get more income. Also knife cutting pressure should also be considered. High knife cutting pressure can make sure higher precision design. SINO cutting plotter utilizes Roland cutting blades, and 2 spare blades are packed together.

Thirdly, there are many different types of software worked with cutting plotter. For example, SINO cutting plotter has mainly 2 types, ARTCUT and SIGNMASTER. And for SIGNMASTR, we have 2 types, semi-automatic contour function and full automatic contour function. The main difference is that as below:

Normal type: Cut the letters designed by computer.

Semi-automatic: mainly used to cut design printed already on the paper or vinyl. The red laser will position the images or letters first, and then cut accuratly. Fully automatic: laser positioning, contour function, main difference from semi-automatic is that it can cut very big patterns (5-8m). And it has one more pocket than Semi-auto.

How to Choose the Right Cutting Plotter

Thus, before purchasing, we need to find out the function and differences between these machines, and then select the right now.

We also should take Mainboard into consideration. High Speed Cache Memory can make sure that the date transmission from the computer to the cutting plotter can be done quickly. Meanwhile, when the cutting plotter works, the computer can move on to do other tasks. SINO Cutting plotter adopts 1MB-4MB high speed cache, which can improve the working efficiency.

The above are the mainly aspects that we should notice when buying a cutting plotter. And we also give a brief introduction about the differences of SINO Cutting plotter, which might be helpful for your decision.

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