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Why do many people choose car vinyl wrap film for change the car color?

Sep 15, 2021

Why choose car vinyl wrap?

Most people want their car to have a beautiful personality, and some cars have fewer primary colors, and car vinyl wrap can meet their requirements. At least they can choose a color that they absolutely love to make their car compatible with There are also some modification enthusiasts. For them, changing the color is a must. There are many series of car wrap vinyl: matte, gloss, chrome, metallic, holographic, rainbow, glitter, etc., which can improve the appearance and texture of the whole car. The advantage of car vinyl wrap over painting is that if you don’t like it or if you’re visually tired, you can tear it to restore it at any time without affecting the paint of the vehicle itself. It is more convenient to maintain the value of the vehicle in the future than painting.
Why do many people choose car vinyl wrap film for change the car color?
The main purpose of car vinyl wrap is to change the color and pattern texture of the car body without changing the original paint of the car body, to reflect the individual needs of the car owner.


Sino group summarized several reasons why people want to change the color of the car body:


1. When buying a new car, the manufacturer cannot provide the color you want, you can buy it and change it.
2. I have been driving the car for a few years, and the color now looks tired and worn out. I want to change my favorite color.
3. I fancy a second-hand car and want to buy it. It is good in all aspects, but I don’t like the color.
4. The company’s cars require uniform color matching to show the company’s image.
5. For major events, the color of the car must be unified and a little cooler.
6. Make your car look more dynamic.
7. I like the popular colors of current famous cars and racing cars, such as Ferrari red.
8. I want to change it to the classic color combination of other brands of vehicles, such as Audi TT bright orange.
9. Make up for some shortcomings of the car in terms of appearance from the visual effect.
10. Pursue the limited colors of certain special brands, such as the limited edition matte metallic blue of the BMW M3.
11. Like some special colors, the original paint needs a high price, and the price of the modified color film is lower. For example, the original Ferrari custom matt paint costs US$30,000.
12. Make up for the changes in the texture of the car paint that cannot be achieved by the spray paint color change, such as the uneven effect of the skin texture.
Why do many people choose car vinyl wrap film for change the car color?

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