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Caring For Your Wrap

Jan 04, 2023

One of the most common questions we get when wrapping vehicles is to do with the best washing practices for a vinyl vehicle wrap. The durability allows them to actually protect the underlying paint layer and won’t do any damage to the car’s original paint job.

There are still some best practices to consider when caring for a vehicle that has a vinyl wrap. Whether you’re looking to care for your vinyl car wrap, truck wrap, motorcycle wrap or ATV wrap, it is important to properly care for your vinyl wrap. Here are the answers to three frequent questions we get when it comes to washing vehicles with vinyl wraps.

How often should I wash my vinyl vehicle wrap?

The frequency in which you wash your vinyl vehicle wrap is similar to the frequency in which you would wash a vehicle with paint. Much like washing a vehicle with paint, the more often it gets washed, the cleaner it will look, and the longer the coat of paint will last. How often you wash your vinyl wrapped vehicle depends on the amount it is driven and the roads it is driven on. We recommends washing your vinyl wrapped vehicle more often if it is regularly exposed to mud and dirt. If your vehicle is driven primarily on residential roads and highways, we recommends washing it once per week, at most.

Do I have to use any special products when washing my vehicle wrap?

When washing your vinyl vehicle wrap, no special chemicals or products are required. Similar to washing any other type of vehicle, hot water and soap work effectively. We recommends using a microfiber cloth or sponge to wash your vinyl wrapped vehicle. This will help prevent any scratches that could be caused by a brush.

Is there anything I should avoid when washing my vinyl vehicle wrap?

When washing your vinyl vehicle wrap, it is best to avoid power washing. It is also important to avoid washing your vinyl wrap with any type of home or kitchen cleaner. Stick to products that were developed specifically for washing vehicles.

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