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Does a Car Wrap Hide Scratches

Feb 15, 2023

Does a car wrap hide scratches? Before purchasing a vinyl wrap for your car, it is a good idea to consult with a professional like the ones from about whether or not a car wrap will hide scratches in your car’s paint. Doing so will help ensure that your new vehicle wrap has a smooth finish.

Can a Car Wrap be Applied Over Scratches?
While car wraps can be applied over scratches, they will not hide scratches. In fact, a vinyl wrap may even make the imperfections in your vehicle’s paint even more noticeable. This is because vinyl wraps are designed to closely adhere to a vehicle’s body, which means that they will also conform to any grooves created by scratches or dents. In most cases, any scratch in the vehicle’s paint that can be felt will show through a vinyl wrap.Find out if car wraps can be repaired if your vehicle is scratched after the wrap has been applied.Why You Should Repair Scratches Before Applying a Wrap
Inspecting your vehicle and having any scratches repaired is the only way to ensure that your new vinyl wrap will have a nice clean finish. Some of the scratch marks that you should inspect your vehicle for and should consider having repaired include:
Deep scratches
Chips in the paint
Clear coat scratches
Car primer scratches

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