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Car Paint Or Car Wrap

Dec 01, 2022

Paint or CAR Wrap: Old School VS Innovative Methods

The paint-vs wrap debate has been going on ever since wrapping technology entered the market. Consumers should understand that wrapping paper is by no means a substitute for paint. Wraps are an evolved form of coating that can cover your vehicle in a way that’s better than the paint itself. The question is how and why is wrap a better choice? Let’s see if we can draw conclusions by comparing the differences and advantages of wrap vs Paint Jobs. Let’s focus on the mechanics of each.

Do you remember those old days when we wrote letters to each other just to communicate? And how cleverly and effectively email has taken over the entire process of actually mailing letters. The situation with paint and packaging is very similar. Saying that paint is an ancient form of communication (such as letter writing) and that packaging is a state-of-the-art and revamped email would be an accurate description of innovation. The creative way that allows you to customize each email and attach different files gives you a lot of variety is wonders. Car Wraps are fully customizable and user friendly. Furthermore, the protection that the wrap provides to the vehicle is unmatched.

Who wouldn’t want to decorate their car while keeping it in pristine condition? I can tell you, EVERYONE!

Now, returning to the war between wrapping paper and paint, note the following benefits of wrapping paper over paint:

  1. Cost-effective (wrappingis half the price of paint)
  2. Customizable (in terms of color, design and quality, the scope of vinyl wrappingis never-ending)
  3. Overall maintenance (low cost durable packaging is easier to maintain than low cost/cheap paint)
  4. Increased durability (high-quality wraphas an expected lifespan of up to 5-8 years)
  5. Originality of the vehicle (the packaging can be removed/replaced/altered without affecting the original bodywork and paintwork of the vehicle.

Apart from this, wrapping paper has several other benefits compared to paint, such as poor installation time and market competitive resale value. In the case of painting your vehicle, it takes a lot of time (almost twice as much). However, it takes an average of 5 days to wrap a car. As for resale value, painting your car to your specifications is a decision you cannot undo, unlike a wrap. When reselling a car with a wrap, it is convenient to sell the vehicle untouched.

Well,  now you think it’s better to paint or wrap?

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