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What Should I Do If There Are Bubbles After The Car Film Is Pasted

Feb 20, 2023

After applying the film, if there are bubbles, do this: 1. If there are few small air bubbles and small surface area, they can be pierced with a needle or a paper knife. Continue sanding it down with a scraper and hot air torch. 2. If there are many small bubbles, the area is large, or it is caused by debris such as dust particles, it usually cannot be resolved by itself. It is recommended to go to a specialized beauty shop to solve it. You can choose to replace it if necessary.
During the pasting process, the glass surface is not cleaned, or the wind in the construction environment carries dust and adheres to the glass surface, or the technical level of the pasting technicians is not in place, and the construction tools are improperly handled, resulting in air bubbles. If you use a fake car glass film, the quality is too poor, it is very easy to have small bubbles and wrinkles, and it is very easy to open the glue. There will be hollow air bubbles after the glue is opened.

In the process of applying film to your car, you should not only try to be as cheap as possible, but also choose a car film with excellent performance or apply it in a regular and reliable car decoration shop. Only in this way can you get protection, thereby reducing a series of unnecessary troubles after your car is pasted.

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