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How To Apply The Heat Transfer Vinyl

Dec 24, 2022

Are you new to using heat conduction vinyl HTV allows users to customize compatible fabric surfaces, such as T-shirts and tote bags with their own patterns. Whether using vinyl for a personal production or starting your own business, you can use this process to make cool and creative designs. Here is a step by step guide to applying heat transfer vinyl.


Step 1    Create your design

Start by choosing your design and fabric sources. Measure the space you want to design and scale the template to the correct size. Once you are satisfied with the dimensions, prepare and mirror your design in your cutting software by flipping it horizontally. This will ensure that your pattern looks right after you cut and apply it.


Step 2    Cut out your design

The next step is to cut your design into your vinyl. You can cut the template by hand. But using an HTV cutter is more efficient. Place the vinyl on a cutting mat, shiny side down. Then, load the cutting pad into the machine and click Cut in the software.


Step 3   Remove excess vinyl

Now that you’ve cut your design, you need to remove any excess vinyl that you don’t want transferred to the fabric. Using scissors, remove any extra vinyl outside the pattern border. Then, using a weeding hook, gently lift the edge of the vinyl over the negative space of your design. Once you’ve eliminated unnecessary material, turn your pattern over and check it before proceeding.


Step 4   Start ironing

Place your pattern on your fabric, plastic fabric side up. Use a cloth or parchment paper to cover the plastic and apply heat and pressure to your design. Once you’ve glued the pattern to the surface, slowly peel away the plastic covering. You should wait at least 24 hours before cleaning your creation.


That’s it! This step by step guide to applying heat transfer vinyl will help you navigate the wonderful world of HTV. At SINO GROUP China, we have everything you need to start your journey. Check our heat transfer vinyl store online for high quality supplies that will make your designs pop.

Rainbow Flash Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl Colorful HTVRainbow Flash Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl Colorful HTV


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