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Advantage of Car Window Tint Film

Jul 23, 2021

Car window tint is a one-way perspective film that is attached to the windshield and window glass for heat insulation, explosion-proof, and anti-vertigo.

The following is advantage of car window tint

1. The car windnow tint can effectively prevent the heat of infrared refraction and has a considerable sun protection effect.

Advantage of Car Window Tint

2. Car window tint is mainly polyester film, which is flexible and can effectively resist penetration. If there is an impact, it can effectively reduce the injury of the driver and passengers.

3. The new car glass is not concealed. It is generally transparent glass. The film can protect your private space. You can choose the style of the film. It is impossible to see the situation inside the car.

4. It can effectively reduce the loss of air conditioning, because the film has the effect of heat insulation and sun protection, which can reduce the loss of air-conditioning in the car and save fuel consumption.

Advantage of Car Window Tint

5. Effectively prevent ultraviolet radiation, avoid damage to our skin, and reduce the aging of car interiors. Ultraviolet rays will cause a certain degree of aging to the human body and vehicle interiors, and the film can block most of the ingestion of ultraviolet rays.

6. Reduce air conditioning energy consumption. The loss of refrigeration capacity of the air-conditioning can be compensated for by putting on the heat insulation film, which can prevent the temperature in the car from being too high to a certain extent, and achieve a certain degree of fuel consumption and reduce the energy consumption of the air-conditioning.

7. Anti-glare. Keep your eyes comfortable. Reduce accidents caused by glare factors.

Advantage of Car Window Tint

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