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5 Common Questions About Car Wraps

Feb 20, 2023

1. What Type of Vinyl Works on My Car?
This is one of the most asked questions in the industry. The answer really lies in what it is that you want your car to come out looking like. If you are looking for a chrome finish, then consult with your car wrap professional to find out the best vinyl to fit your needs.

2. What Qualifications Should I Look for In My Wrap Installer?
When shopping around for a car wrap, picking the right company for installation is essential. You want to find someone that has a great industry reputation and performs all of their wraps in an indoor secure location.

Look at their website and check out some of their past jobs. A picture paints a thousand words, so examining their work is a great place to start.

3. Can You Ensure My Car’s Safety at the Facility?
A reputable car wrap company will store all of their projects inside secure, locked facilities. We want our great work to be admired by you, so we take the extra step to ensure your vehicle’s safety.

4. Will Window Graphics Impede My Vision?
The magic of car wraps is that they look great on the outside of a car but have little effect from the interior. It is perfectly safe to drive around town with graphics on your windows. With vinyl wraps, impeded vision is not a concern you have to worry about.

5. Is My Paint Safe?
If you follow the proper post-wrap maintenance instructions as provided by your installer, then yes, your paint will be completely safe and intact. Keeping your paint pristine is the goal of a wrap until the removal or replacement of your product.

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