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5 Benefits of Security Window Film for Schools & Businesses, Car Wrapping

Aug 21, 2019

Whether you oversee a school or a business, safety remains a crucial issue. The right security elements not only protect students, teachers, employees, and everyone else who enters your building, but they also keep its contents safe, such as expensive equipment and merchandise.
Safety and Security window film contains special adhesives that bond with glass to fortify it against a number of forces. These films remain a great way to maintain a safe educational or commercial space, as they provide a slew of outstanding benefits:

5 Benefits of Security Window Film for Schools & Businesses, Car Wrapping

1. Protects Against Extreme Weather: Violent storms have the power to shatter glass, whether from flying debris or the sheer force of wind and rain. Security window glass film protects against these issues while also keeping debris out of your commercial space or a class room.
2. Reduces Accidents & Injuries: The fortification safety window films provide helps reduce accident and injury rates because they hold the glass together even if it shatters. This means no flying glass shards and the accidents/injuries they create.
3. Prevents Vandalism: Shatterproof glass is an excellent way to prevent vandalism, as would-be vandals cannot break windows with rocks or other objects. Security window films also protect against graffiti since spray paint simply peels off with the film.
5 Benefits of Security Window Film for Schools & Businesses, Car Wrapping

4. Keeps Thieves Out: The threat of thieves who break windows and grab whatever is in reach is eliminated with security window film. They form invisible shields that keep thieves and other trespassers out.
5. Shields Against UV Rays: Safety window glass tinting film also protects against harmful UVB and UVA rays that damage skin and cause furniture, merchandise, equipment, and anything else to dry out and fade. It is therefore a great way to keep inventory and other investments in outstanding condition.

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